On this page you will find all our videos about out the proANT transport robots. Beneath the video itself, there is a link each that will take you to all further information on this website.

This list gets expanded constantly as we develop new vehicles and record new user experiences.

You may also find a look at our Youtube Channel, where we introduce other automation projects, or at our live stream from our showroom 4.0 to be of interest.

proANT: individual transport robots and load handling

In this video:
Seen here are a few examples of load pick ups and automated passing by proANT transport robots


In this video:
Managing director Torsten Gast introduces InSystems Automation GmbH and our individualised transport robots of the proANT series.



proANT 436 with lifting function for SLC up to 50 kg

In this video:
The proANT 436 transport robot with its lifting function during several different load pick-ups and at transfer stations.

proANT 436 mit größerem Hub bis auf 1100 mm Übergabehöhe

In this video:
proANT 436 for SLCs of 50 kg with higher lifting (1100 mm)

Further information about the proANT 436


In this video:
The proANT 436 drives to its charging station, positions itself on the contact plate and begins its automated charging process. Once its battery is charged, the vehicle finishes charging and the AGV leaves the station.

Further information on the charging process



proANT 016

In this video:
Das proANT 016 Stacklifter nimmt Behälter und Stapel automatisch vom Boden auf und transportiert den Stapel zur Zielposition. The proANT 016 picks up containers and stacks automatically from the floor and transports them to their new position.

Further information on the proANT 016



proANT at fairs

Automatica 2016

In this video:
Managing director Henry Stubert interviewed by the technology platform „Community Conrad“

Opti Messe 2016

In this video:
The proANT moves safely among the visitors of the fair booth of B&S Breitfeld & Schliekert, where it transports commissioning boxes containing parts for the production of glasses.

Fair at IPM

In this video:
The proANTs 436, 490 and 576 drive simultaneously on the exhibition area and transport pallets and SLC.

proANT for pallets

At the customers‘ sites

In this video:
The autonomous vehicle transports pallets through the production site into the storage area and passes several automatic doors on its way. It uses the same paths as humans and forklift trucks.