System partners and integrators

InSystems works together with a number of chosen partners. It is our goal to support our customers right where they are with ideal service throughout all processes, meaning during planning, project realisation and after-sales.

Our partners are experienced specialists in their field and thus create interesting synergy potential for our proANT system. Our partners receive all necessary information and instruction during our integrator programme and we always stand ready to offer support with all of our know-how.  Thus, our customers are able to keep a competent contact and service partner close at all times.


IPM Industrieprodukte Meißner GmbH

Logo IPM Fördertechnik IPM Industrieprodukte Meißner GmbH has successfully established itself within the market for conveyance and assembly technology since 1998. The organisation’s focus is on the automobile, packaging and food industry.

Based on many years of experience and high standards for quality and product development, IPM Industrieprodukte Meißner designs individualised, complete systems made to support spare part supplies and deliver single components to customers. Within the full portfolio of conveyance and assembly technology IPM Industrieprodukte Meißner GmbH provides, solutions can be found for most any internal transport issue.

InSystems has been successfully collaborating with IPM in the field of stationary conveyance technology for years. IPM’s strength within the market for especially customised solutions for industry 4.0 is supported by InSystems‘ proANT systems and intelligent control technology, as proANT transport robots make for an ideal addition to IPM’s conveyance systems as well as a good alternative for long transport routes across the floor.

Am Rödertor 22
97499 Donnersdorf
Phone: +49 (0) 95 28 / 95 00 58 0
Fax: +49 (0) 95 28 / 95 00 58 9


Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG

 Logo von Phoenix Mecano The Phoenix Mecano Komponenten AG is part of the international Phoenix Mecano AG.  In Stein am Rhein, around 125 employees produce, sell and adapt solutions and components for industrial purposes.

From the analysis of processes to the concept for improving efficiency and the design of intelligent, customised LEAN working station- and logistics-solutions, Phoenix Mecano offers all services from one source.

The proANT transport robots fit in perfectly with the LEAN-concept for materials supply at assembly working stations and enhance the portfolio of modular logistics solutions.

Phoenix Mecano owns a showroom in Stein am Rhein where visitors are welcome to take a look at the intelligent working station systems working together with the proANT transport robots and Pick-to-light sensors made by InSystems.

Hofwisenstrasse 6, P.O. Box
CH-8260 Stein am Rhein
Phone: +41 52 742 75 14
Fax:     +41 52 742 75 90


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