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Dear visitors,
we would like to point out that not all showroom vehicles are always available in the showroom, as we also occasionally rent the demonstration vehicles out to interested parties for testing purposes or show them at international trade fairs.

Hereinafter you can see a short presentation, which is shown at the shop window of our showroom.

You’ll find more videos on our


You can also find more about the technology behind our assembly control system Pick-to-light and InSystems P2L Sensor on our website at


On June 1st and June 2nd 2016 in Berlin-Adlershof, InSystems opened the first permanent showroom for industry 4.0. Its focus is on autonomous transport robot systems for industrial purposes and on how these interact with people.
The showroom will mainly inspire potential users of such technology in the industry, but it is of course open to anyone who is interested.
Our goal was to allow an approach to this fascinating technology to a broader audience, since access to most production rooms in which it may be used tends to be very limited.

InSystems Automation also uses these halls as a testing center for our transport robots.
This step is very important, as every robot is customized and must be tested before delivery.
Cameras record these tests and the videos are used for failure analysis.
We are pleased to welcome you in our showroom and to show to you all the processes, features and advantages surrounding our robots.
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We are looking forward to your visit!

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