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 Hardware components of an aAGV transport system

1 to n vehicle(s)

The vehicles (aAGVs) are individually engineered for the specific load and requirements of the costumer.

The vehicles are composed of a driving platform and a load handling component i.e. a conveyor.

Examples of customer projects can be found in vehicles.

1 to n charging station(s)

The aAGVs navigate to the charging station, until the charging contacts are touched. Once the contacts are touched, a hardware handshake between the vehicle and the charging station is carried out. Once the handshake is completed successfully, the charging current begins to flow and the charging process is started. This hardware handshake guarantees that the charging current can only flow when the aAGV is correctly and safely standing in front of the charging station.

Further information about the batteries and charging technology can be found under Battery Technology.

optional: Opportunity Charging on a transfer station

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