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proANT S.A.S.H.A.

S.A.S.H.A. Field aAGV for assemblies or hospitals

fully automated distribution of

  • food in hospitals all the way from the kitchen shelves to the patient table inside the room
  • of materials to assembly work stations

740 x 622 x 1500 mm

Payload up to 50 kg
Load handling active load handling with belt conveyors
High of transfer  between 420 mm and 1350 mm automatic lift



S.A.S.H.A. (Smart Autonomous System Hospital Assistent) was originally developed for an arab TV show as an intelligent autonomous hospital assistant. What makes this robot special is its shelf-like construction which can pick up and carry up to seven trays with food or medicine. As the way it picks up loads is customizable, it is possible to program it individually for each different load passing station.

By now, this vehicle has been developed further for industrial purposes, for example for delivering materials to assembly working spaces. It is especially well-suited to pick up small loads (such as small load carriers SLCs or trays). Its lifting feature allows it to approach load passing stations at different heights, meaning it is able to e.g. pass loads directly into shelves or supply several stations in one trip by carrying different loads needed at different stations. The latter allows it to reduce transport times especially in places with long transportation routes.