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proANT 431 AGV 50 kg


Field aAGV for Warehouse Logistics
Duty Fully autonomous transport of boxes and containers for picking and internal logistics.
Dimensions 800 mm diameter

Boxes of different sizes and standard-containers of 400x600mm up to 50kg


Load handling Rolling conveyor
Height of transfer Changeable from 525 to 610 mm

proANT 431 Engineering project
The proANT was developed out of an engineering project for a material handling company. The aim was to develop an inexpensive, small and safe aAGV (Autonomous Guided Vehicle).

We must inform you that we no longer offer the proANT 431 as we have developed a much superior version, the proANT 436, of which there are three different types (active load pick-up via belt/roll conveyor, passive load pick-up via skids and active load pick-up via skids and small belt conveyor) available.


Development and advantages

The advantages of the new, advanced proANT 436 are as follows:

  • Its automatic lifting feature allows it to pass loads at different heights all throughout the customer’s plant site.
  • The automatic lifting feature also makes it possible to use passive load-passing stations (such as passive running surfaces), which are much less expensive than active ones.
  • The proANT 436 lowers its load while driving. This makes it so that its balance point is located as low down as possible, allowing it to drive at greater speed.


Find more information about the proANT 436 here.

proANT 436 mit unterschiedlichen Lastaufnahmen

proANT 436 with different load handling options