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proANT 576 AGV 1200 kg


Pallet carrier with pickup from the floor up to a load weight of max. 1.200 kg


Pallett carrier Field aAGV in production and warehouse logistics
Duty Fully autonomous supply of single or stacked pallets
Dimensions 2150mm x 825mm x 900mm

Europallets (1200mm x800mm x1200mm and 1200mm x1000mm x1200mm) up to a load weight of max. 1.200 kg

Load handling passive pickup
High of transfer  0 mm, passive pickup from floor


proANT 576 (Pallet carrier) is a newly developed autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) for the pickup and transport of single or stacked pallets up to a load weight of max. 1.200 kg. It is entirely safe when working side by side with humans.

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In this video:
The pallets are picked up, using forks. The forks can be raised to a maximum height of 300mm. To pick up a pallet, the aAGV drives in front of the pallet and lowers its forks. Next, the AGV drives backward with a speed of 0,3m/s into the pallet until a switch sensor detects that the pallet has been loaded. Once the pallet has been detected, the aAGV lifts its forks and loads the pallet. It navigates in an area that is also used by workers and forklift trucks.

Description of an example for the application of a proANT 576:

proANT 576 for pallets at an automotive supplier